JRunners inaugural July race heads from Prospect Park to Fallsburg for ALS Cause
The first-ever Jewish runners club, JRunners, was recently founded in Brooklyn by three 30-ish Brooklynites, Steven Friedman, Matt Katz and Saul Rosenblum, family men and professionals who love to run. What they love even more is running for good causes—so when a neighbor contracted ALS, a severe degenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, they put together a non-profit organization to bring Jewish runners together to raise money for charity. Their tag line is “We Run for Those Who Can’t!” and their first race is for the benefit of that ALS family. Each runner will raise a minimum of $1,000 and will be given tools to help him accomplish that goal.
Spokesman Steven Friedman put it this way, “JRunners is the first Jewish running and fund-raising organization that we know of. Our runners have their laces tied tight and are ready to help a friend in need. Anyone is invited to join us–but this particular race is men only.”
Right now JRunners is seeking 100 runners and other volunteers (women welcome) to register for the 200K relay. It will take 10 teams of 10 runners through some of the most scenic (and Jewish) areas of the United States and take approximately 22 hours to complete. It's split into 30 legs and each runner completes three legs, running a total of 12 miles. Teams will be provided with RV vehicles equipped with restrooms, beds, and showers between the various exchange points. The course starts at a minus 3 foot elevation and ends at a plus 1588 foot elevation with a total ascent of 4,347 feet and a total descent of 3,291 feet. The race director is Steve Holmbraker;volunteer director is Phyllis Koegel, race coach is Jerry Macari and the trainer is Dustin Steiner.
Register on the site now and get a $50 discount, a free JRunners TechnicalT-Shirt and other perks. The handbook and other information is all waiting for you at www.jrunners.org
The course, 125 miles long, goes from Brooklyn to the Borscht Belt, via the Brooklyn Bridge, across Manhattan (passing the Tweed Courthouse and City Hall), down to the West Side and up river. Runners will trace the mighty Hudson to the George Washington Bridge, and cross into Bergen County, NJ, while getting an eyeful of those majestic cliffs, the Palisades. They will clip along Route 9W North through the Tenafly Nature Reserve, Closter, Alpine and then back into New York State at the exclusive tiny town of Palisades. The race continues west along Route 59 through Spring Valley, Monsey, Wesley Hills and into Harriman State Park. The park, the second largest in the State, “has miles of streams and scenic roads, scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points covering Rockland and Orange Counties.” 
Passing Lake Welch, the runners will cross over Route 17, headed for Tuxedo and Warwick, two picturesque towns with deep colonial roots. From there the course winds along Route 1 to Pine Island and up the Pine Island Turnpike to Route 209 and Cold Spring Road, which will bring the runners to Monticello, Kiamesha Lake and finally, Route 42 into Fallsburg.
All teams start at the exact same time. The simultaneous start means that all the teams will be in close proximity at all times, and will make for some exciting competition. At the finish line, runners and volunteers will be greeted with a full BBQ (Glatt Kosher of course) and a concert. The winning team will receive a trophy and a night out in New York City. Special awards will also recognize the top three fund raisers, and every runner who makes it to the finish line will receive a finisher’s medal.