Legos have always been a critical part of the modern Jewish experience. Adter shabbos lunch, surviving the heavy chuent laden messy mashup of coldcuts and coleslaw, playing legos became the ultimate time passer for the long shabbos afternoon. For unlike GI Joes, or Risk or Monopoly which were incredibly drawn out competitive boardgames – which always ended with someone crying, legos provided the exact opposite. It built relationships by bringing together the worlds of all 4 sons..It allowed the inner architect to become a skyscraper maker, the warrior to build a battlefield, the car driver to build the ultimate driving machine. Legos built our shabbos afternoon homes. It unified our wacky family dynamics and helped us all see whatever we could imagine was possible.

So it makes total sense that there is a wave of Passover led lego efforts. I am sure there are many who have great ideas to add to this. But from the original minds of and I think we are just getting started with Legos and Passover. There needs to be a LEGO haggadah asap.

Here are a few great ideas that have been bubbling on the internet to get your seder built on the world of Lego:
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