Matisyahu has released a new song/video to help the fight the injustices in Burma at 

Matis joined other of super fav celebs amongst heebs: Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman, Jason Biggs, Jason Schwartzman, Steven Segal, Jennifer Anniston, Giovanni Ribisi (who doesn't love that dude?), Will Ferrel, Ellen Page(the new natalie portman?), and ofcourse Tila Tequila to produce one video every day for 50 days straight highlighting the human rights horror and several injustices in Myanmar.

 It is both fascinating and inspiring that this is cause that Matisyahu has taken up.  

While most are wondering when's Mr. Miller  gonna put out a song for our beloved Israeli POWs?  It is completely admirable, awesome and simply extraordinary that Matisyahu has leant his celebrity to help raise awareness and help save others around the world…a true kiddush hashem

Check out this must see video HERE

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