Postal Administration Needs 5 Pennies an Email


by Rough Ramsey


You may have gotten an email about how the US Postal Administration


is endeavoring to push through a bill that would enable them to charge

5 pennies for each email. I can comprehend why individuals would feel that

it’s valid. The Postal Administration had nothing to do with the email

being sent and they aren’t going to give you anything for the 5

pennies. Beyond any doubt sounds like an administration office.

The email is a lie. What’s astounding to me is that it begun

in 1999 is as yet advancing around the Web. On the off chance that you


haven’t seen the email, you can see a case of the email and


more data about it on the Urban Legends Reference Page


I wouldn’t be astonished by the Postal Administration needing to do

something like this, which is one reason this email has

been mixed up by such a significant number of individuals as being genuine. The U.S. Postal

Administration right now has an electronic stamp accessible to

organizations who need to utilize it. You send your email through the

Postal Administrations servers and they put a stamp on it for

cost. It works like snail mail – you send email to their

server and it could possibly make it to your beneficiary. USPS


In the event that you need to think about a bill before the Senate or Congress,

go to the source. You can keep an eye on any bill before Congress or

the Senate at Thomas – The US Congress on the Web




On the off chance that the Postal Administration put a 5 penny assessment on email, it

wouldn’t be the finish of the Web. There are various

approaches to impart without utilizing email.


Before the Web bunches utilized Announcement Board Frameworks (BBS)


to convey and exchange records by dialing into a focal


PC and setting up an association over a telephone line.


Yippee Gatherings and Topica Gatherings are essentially doing likewise

thing now, yet over the Web. These BBS frameworks permit

individuals to exchange messages without the utilization of email.

Something I’m investigating for my ezine is Extremely Straightforward

Syndicator (RSS). The thought behind this is to post features

on my site and a program running on your PC would

peruse these when they’re accessible. No email required. With

the issues of Web access Suppliers (ISPs) blocking

email, even from confided in sources, later on it might be a

need for ezine distributers to keep on distributing.

I realize it’s antiquated, however there’s dependably the alternative of


utilizing the Fax and Telephone to convey.

At last there’s the likelihood of a private Web that

sidesteps government inclusion through and through. The greater part of you that

work for an organization of any size are utilizing an intranet – a


extensive Web that is just open to individuals who


work for your organization. An extranet is an intranet that permits

access from individuals outside the organization. By associating the

extranetsFree Reproduce Articles, it is conceivable to make a private Web.