Concussion is written and directed by first time feature filmmaker, Stacie Passon.

Abby, played by Robin Weigert in a bare all natural performance, is a wealthy lesbian housewife. After getting hit in the head by her son’s baseball, she begins to question her mundane housewife life. She decides to return to working and purchases a loft in Manhattan to remodel and sell. While leaving the suburbs and walking around the city she feels alive again. With a renewed confidence she finds herself heading into a direction of prostitution and discovers unknown sexual desires. Using the apartment as a host to her new behavior she gets deeper and
deeper in the new world she’s created. The days are spent remolding her apartment and her sex life while the nights are spent having dinner with her family and attending her children’s school events. Her wife finds a buyer for the apartment and when she shows the place she has seen it for the first time. Being there has ignited
some suspicions, which leads her to think about Abby’s recent home life behavior.
With the apartment being sold, her host location is no longer available but is she
ready to end the double life she has been leading? Stacie Passon has written a script
with flowing dialogue and directed a leading lady in such a believable role. With the
many ladies Abby’s character meets during her new self-discovery one specifically
stands out, Tracee Chimo. Only on screen for a short time, she brings a truth to the
situation at hand. Stacie Passon’s leading lady enters a point in her life that many
relationships face. Unfortunately we sometimes need to escape to realize what it is
we are missing.