This website is making its way around the jewish internet.  Although it is a bit old news since there have been quite a few ideas implemented for doctors in Israel already, but this one is geared for the average Jew of the future.  Good to see that the site is taking the halachic issues seriously, but likely will get nixed by most mainstream rabbis due to Maaris Ayin factor.  Truth is, those who really want to text on shabbos, will do it anyway…so this is a nice alternative for them…:)

Here are the highlights of the future app's halachic thinking:

The Halachic Problems: 

  • Battery: The battery can get extremely hot from use – this can be a potential issur derabanon of making a fire (Mavir)


  • Writing: Text that is typed and erased remains on the phones hard drive and is theoretically permanent – this is a potential issur derabanon  of writing/erasing (Koisaiv and Moichek) according to some Poiskim.


  • Sounds: Sounds are made when a user notifies or is notified of new messages, etc. This is a potential issur derabanon of making noise (Hashma'as Kol) which is assur.


  • Screen: Turning the screen on and off is similar to turning a regular light on and off  – this can be an issur derabanon of making a fire (Mavir) according to somePoiskim. 


  • Charging: When you plug the wall charger into or out of the phone, according to The Chazon Ish (a da’as yochid) you are building and breaking a circuit and violative of the issur of Boineh and Soisair.



  • Battery: Similar to a Shabbos elevator, the Shabbos App forces consistent battery power so any phone usage will not cause additional battery strain, thereby not causing  the battery to heat up, preventing the potential issur derabonon of Mavir.

  • Writing: The Shabbos App features two options for those who wish to satisfy one or both of these machmir Poiski

  • Delayed Typing option: Selecting this option will cause a slight and random delay when typing which is considered grama

  • Wipe Data option:  Selecting this option will cause the app to reset all new data every hour. This will effectively render any text typed not permanent. This feature will only function on messages composed and received within the proprietary messaging app.

  • Sounds: All sounds are disabled when the app is active. The user can choose to receive a vibration for new notifications or visual indicators, or both vibration and visual. The visual indicator on the information bar will display any new notifications. 

  •  Screen: The app forces the screen to stay actively lit the entire Shabbos (the user  can set the brightness for the entire Shabbos prior to app activation), which inhibits any potential issur derabonan of turning the screen on and off.

  • Charging: The phone will need to be charged more often than usual as the Shabbos App will place additional strain on the battery. To increase battery charge, there is an indicator on the information bar (that looks like a power plug) that will be green and red. When the green indicator light is on, the user can plug the smartphone device in and out of a power charger, as no charging action will occur until the indicator light turns red. Charging will only begin when the indicator light is red. To warn of an impending charging status change, the indicator light will blink red to alert the user to not plug the device in or out until the user can safely identify the charging status, when a solid green or red light will then appear. The indicator light will change to green for five minutes after every fifteen minutes, and continue to cycle in this method indefinitely.