Who is ready for PURIM 2014?  Here are some Go-To Purim Costumes, we expect to see a lot of these:


10.  Myley Cyrus /Robin Thicke – grab either a striped suite or a foam finger.  you. will. twerk.














9.    Myley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

8.    Girl Wearing Teffilin  (especially funny if you are some very very religious girl/Jared Leto) 

7.   Pharrell  OSCARS – just buy a hat


6.   Jonah Hill – Wolf of Wall Street 


5.  Jimmy Fallon / Will Smith – first night:


4.  Lego Movie – Everything is AWESOME!

3.  Sandra bullock GRAVITY – grey tank, mini black shorts, space helmet and a fire extinguisher


2.  Oscars Selfie – blow up picture, cut out hole where bradley cooper is


1.  Any Character from AMERICAN HUSTLE