If you are into winter sports here are some of the kosher kids to root for at Torino:

Mathieu Schneider – United States – Hockey

Sasha Cohen
– United States – Ice Skating

Irina Slutskaya – Russia – Ice Skating

Michael Renzhin – Israel – Men’s Slalom

(you know how us Jews love Ice Dancing: )
Galit Chait and Sergei Sachanowski – Israel – Ice Dancing

Melissa Gregory – United States – Ice Dancing

Jamie Silverstein – United States – Ice Dancing

Alexandra and Roman Zaretsky – Israel – Ice Dancing

If you need a place to daven in Torino – the symbol of the city Torino was actually built as a synagogue! but for real if you are: Sinagoga di Torino (Synagogue of Torino), piazzetta Primo Levi 12 is doing Olympic Services!
Here are some other Olympic Athletes from the summer games.