10) No turkey allowed to be eaten 30 days before the holiday (some hold starting from November 1)
9) One must eat at least a k’zayis of cranberry sauce with his or her turkey in order to fulfill the mitzvah of Thanksgiving
8) The night before Thanksgiving, search for the bread stuffing
7) The morning of Thanksgiving, burn the autumn leaves
6) In Israel, celebrate one day of Thanksgiving; in chutz l’aretz, it’s a two-day Yom Tov
5) On Thanksgiving, start counting the days until you reach XMAS (“Today is the first day, which leaves 29 more shopping days until XMAS)
4) First of the four questions asked at the Thanksgiving table: “On all other weekday afternoons, there are no footbal games on TV.  Why are there football games on TV on this day?”
3) Second of the four questions: “On all other days, the department stores open at noon.  Why are the department stores open before noon on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving?”
2) Third of the four questions: “Why do the right wing yeshivas have classes on Thanksgiving morning, while Modern Orthodox day schools are closed?”
1) Fourth of the four questions: “On all other nights there is some traffic to Long Island. Why is there so much traffic to Long Island on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving?”
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