Having trouble finding something? Editing something? Finding your bashert? Connecting to Hashem (sorry!!!!)

Here are some things to help you navigate this Jewish treasure of a website:

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  • To Edit or Delete an Apartment Post:   Go HERE  and click EDIT next to your apartment listing
  • To Add a Photo to your Apartment Post:   Go HERE  and click EDIT next to your apartment listing, then look to UPLOAD Feature photo, you can add as many as you like!
  • To Post an Apartment Post:   Go HERE
  • To Post yourself as Someone looking for an Apartment   Go HERE,  change first drop down to “Available Roommates/Apt Seekers”
  • To Find an Apartment:  start HERE

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  • To Edit an Event Post:   Go HERE  and click the listing you want to edit
  • To Post an Event:    Go HERE
  • To Promote your Event:
    • 1. You can buy a bangitout banner ad HERE  (self service)
    • 2. you can email blast to all of our subscribers, start by sending a note here: events@bangitout.com
    • 3. You can Post on the  ACTIVITY WALL here all users can see that

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  • To Edit your Profile:  Go HERE  add some profile pictures, will ya?!

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Contacting Bangitout.com

  • Start by sending a note here: editor@bangitout.com