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  • Shoes by Jews...WTF?
  • MJE Solidarity Trip to Israel - This Saturday!
  • Mayor Mike Bloomberg flies to Israel
  • NBA's Omri Caspi taking a Stand for Israel
  • Marc Rubio: Clarity in Gaza
  • UWS Rabbi Gives a Blessing to Congress on Israel
  • Howard Stern on the Israel / Palestinian War
  • American Idol: Simon Cowell
  • TUBAV PARTY 2014 - August 11th - Boat Basin
  • Zeek Mag - Summer Fiction Contest
  • Bangitout Shavuot Shiur Guide 2014!
  • Top Ten Additional Reasons Not Mentioned in the recent JTA Article About Orthodox Jews Moving To Detroit
  • $ 600 - sublet in Old Katamon for female
    $ 1350 - Sublet Oct 1st - furnished bedroom in beautiful UWS Apt - short or lon
    Please inquire - 1 Bedroom Apt for the Chagim
    $ - Large One Bedroom Apartment Sublet
    $ 2000+ - looking for an apartment
    130 - Rosh Hashana Sublet Upper West Side
    $1930 (Price may be negotiable - HUGE room with private BATHROOM in luxury doorman building - FEMALE
    $ 750 - Seeking Reliable Roommate for Spacious 2 Bedroom House First Floor
    $ Negotiable - Studio Available Yom Kippur And 1st Days Of Sukkoth
    $ 1350 - Spacious 2 bedroom apt with extra room and backyard for rent
    $ 1500-1700 - 1 bedroom available- roommate wanted
    $ 1500- $1700 - We are looking for a young professional male


    Sep 15 - CHAZAQ Second Annual Dinner
    Sep 15 - Open the Gates: Prepare for the Yamim Nora'im
    Sep 15 - days of awe cemetery visit
    Sep 15 - peoplehood with purpose: universalism, particularism, and the high holidays
    Sep 16 - basics of judaism
    Sep 16 - shabbat around the world for 20s + 30s
    Sep 16 - the lady in number 6 + reporting on the times
    Sep 16 - Jewish Business Network: Midtown Networking at Regus Offices - IBM Bldg.
    Sep 18 - Cirka Loka Stage 48 NYC EDM Party w/ Aerialists, StiltWalkers, Clowns Buy Tickets Now
    Sep 18 - Drisha and Yeshivat Maharat present a Yom Iyun on the Yamim Noraim
    Sep 19 - challah bakin' 6 years + under
    Sep 19 - Friday Night Lights
    Sep 20 - End of Summer Yacht Party Skyport Marina Jewel
    Sep 20 - Wine, Cheese, Sinful Desserts, and Shiur

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    "Eric, with the amount of stuff you have accumulated over the years, we may need to rent a much bigger space when we get married (like OfficeMax) "- Lisa Golub, Marlboro, NJ's most talented artist to hit the Upper West Side

    "Even though Michigan did not make the tournament, they are stil winners in my apartment "- Rachel Trauring, Brooklyn commuting, Go BLUEing, sweetest social worker on the west side

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