Have you watched a movie and thought to yourself, "My gosh, this character is so my 7th grade Rebbi" or " Wow, That's something only a Rabbi would say", or "Gee, that Columbo is Chasidic!" Oh well, maybe it's just a personal thing, however; many times I've found myself seeing extremely Jewish concepts and characters in the greatest and strangest of movies, TV shows and in entertainment overall. (Which makes sense, since according to most of my coworkers, "Jews run the Media" woohoo!) Anyhow, I decided one day to document a list of notable characters and personas from around the entertainment spectrum, who, to me, would make phenomenal Rebbiem and Jewish Leaders; that is, if in fact, they were circumcised and associated with our demented observant world. So now, I beg you to send me your own list of characters, entertainers, authors and trend-setters who to you have that intrinsic Yidishe Neshama that any Jew can spot. Keep an eye out, trust me, they are everywhere, everywhere: Bang this…

Mr Miyagi -Old wise rebbi who speaks in choppy English (Shanghai Mir Yeshiva). Constantly makes you clean up the Bais medrash, while in reality, he is teaching you how to fight the Yatzer hara.

Morpheus from the Matrix – focuses mostly on Inyunay Moshiach, Tchiyas Hamaysim, Gilgulim and his life's work "the Olam ha emes Vs. the Olam Ha sheker."

Yoda – The Gadol Hador, who is visited by people from around the world for brochas and shaylas, but many are too scared to approach because of his saintly Godlus.

Gene Hackman in Hoosiers – The small town chabad rebbi, who mikaraves an entire community in Indiana.

DA Adam Schiff from Law&Order – Old school Lower East Side Rebbi who can answer any kasha with a brilliant one liner.

Braveheart – Chizuke in musar, avodas Hashem, and strong love for Eretz Yisroel – Strong proponent of never giving away land for peace.

Robbin Williams in Good Will Hunting – The rebbi who's cool enough to relate to, even if you smoke cigarettes and are a genius apikorais (great for those who love gematria)

Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption -Ideal Rebbi for Emunah, Bitachone and Zechiras Yetsias Mitzrayim.

Steven Speilberg – Passionate visionary rebbi, who can paint the most vivid imagery of any challenging sugiah or midrash.

Steve Martin in Roxanne – Funny Rebbi who you come to for dating and shiduch problems.

PoliceWoman in Fargo, "Marge" (Frances McDormand) – genius Rebbetzin who is quiet , respectful and snieus, but really knows and gives the Teretz to everything.

Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal lechter) in Silence of the Lambs – Knows all of Shaas cold, but has gone completely off the derech and is longer is shomair kashrus.

Neighbor from Home Improvement – local next door neighbor rebbi you can ask personal day to day kashas to, anonymously.

Lester Bangs from Almost Famous – The unpopular uncool rebbi who's always home, for late night phone shmoozing.

Dr. Robert "Rocket" Ramano from ER – the "always right" arrogant rebbi, who most people can't stand, but knows much more Torah and Halacha than any one around.

Doogie Hauser MD – The Elazar Ben Azaryah kid ilui, who learns a lesson from everything, and then types it up and posts his dvrei Torah on the Internet.

The Godfather – the preeminent rebbi for Yiras Hashem, Milchamos Hashem and Cavode Mishpachos. He will always give you a teretz that you can't resist.

Mick from Rocky – the old stubborn rebbi who never gives up on a Tosfose

Bob Dylan – Most influential world renowned Midwest folk singing rebbi and Magid,whose words and nigunim are heartfelt through entire klall Yisroel. Although, he has become estranged and incoherent in recent days, his son Yaacov will probably succeed him.

Larry King – definitely a Menahel or Mashgiach, who gives Fahairs, Bechinas and interviews to prospective talmidim. Always wearing shtatty suspenders for potential donators and fundraising opportunities

Jesse "The Body" Ventura – In Your Face, tough, motivational, solid rosh yeshiva, who doesn't care about anything but Gemara and the NFL. (YU's Rav Dovid Hirsh wannabee)

John Stewart – NCSY Shabbaton head, and hysterically amazing "fundraiser" speaker. Although, not technically a rabbi, he has some smicha from some unknown place in Israel.

Billy Crystal in Princess BrideMiracle Max– That Funny old yedishe grandfather rebbi, who spends most of his time making really corny Jewish jokes, primarily about his wife

Dear Abby – The world renowned rebbetzin who can answer all "Shidduchim" problems.

Rivers Cuomo from Weezer – Nerdy, Thick glasses, YU masmid in Rav Rosenswieg's Shiur; who, although no one knows his name, is renowned for wearing the same clothing everyday and singing late night in the bais medrash R Sholomo's "Mizmor Shiru L'Hashem".

Andy Rooney from 60minutes: Old famous Rebbi who focuses primarily on writing the most interesting and weird RJJ Journal articles, which ofcourse, no one reads, but everyone quotes.