Jeremy Piven, aka. Ari from the Entourage, everyone’s favorite ball-bustin insane agent talked with Conan O’brian tonight all about his Judaism, his upbringing and his incredible bar mitzvah (in his basement). Despite a hardly religious upbringing (while his friends were going to Burger King after school, he was heading to hebrew school)  Jeremy said tonight “Judaism has become a fantastic thing to me.”  He also mentioned to Conan how his rabbi came up to him in the middle of shul and whispered to him “let’s hug it out, you little bitch” during davening.  Hahaha – awesome! Jeremy felt a little guilty about encouraging his rabbi to curse  – but we at bangitout think he rocks (eg. hug it out = bang it out) His new Tribeca Film Festival Bar Mitzvah Movie – Keeping up with the Steins starts this week – and despite his whacky spiritual trips to India – after tonight’s interview we all know just how real Jeremy keeps his yiddishkeit!  (stay tuned for bangitout’s Tribeca Film festival pics of Jeremy on the Red Carpet) – oh and look for Jeremy on last month’s HEEB mag cover