Tevya, fiddler on the roof,  Top Chef 2012.  Going against Tradition!  mmmmm

Kosherfest is in full effect at the MEADOWLANDS today (Wednesday 11/14  woohoo) below are the NEW Product champions  (Jack's Gourmet FACON looks awesome, but Paskesz Choclate Coated Rice Cakes? Is this 1984?)….definitely worth a look and very exciting to see all the new kosher stuff coming to your kosher aisles soon! 


 The Kosherfest New Product competition names the best new retail and foodservice kosher products of the year. Winners are chosen by a distinguished jury of kosher retail and foodservice buyers, distributors, chefs and industry experts, during the competition held before the show each year.

The winning products and other entries are prominently displayed in the New Product Showcase at Kosherfest, where they are viewed by buyers as they come together for the world's largest kosher certified products trade show.

2012 Kosherfest New Product Competition!

gelatopetrini web

Best Overall New Product
Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato made with Soy Milk
Gelato Petrini



gelatopetrini web

Best New Dessert, Baked Good, and/or Sweet Snack
Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato made with Soy Milk
Gelato Petrini


mikee web

Best New Savory Condiment, Spice, Sauce, Oil, Vinegar, Dressing and/or Marinade
MIKEE Sugar Free Salad Dressings
Exotic Sauce Packaging, Inc.


oxygenchipotle web

Best New Dip, Spread and/or Salsa
Oxygen Amazon Chipotle Sauce
Oxygen Imports


normansyogurt web

Best New Cheese or Dairy Product
Greek Yogurt
Normans Dairy Delight


bwpizzapin web

Best New Frozen Entrée
Ta'amti Pizza Pinwheels
Blue & White Foods, LLC


simplyprotein web

Best New Savory and/or Salty Snack Food
Simply Protein Chips
Wellness Foods, Inc.


toriehoward web

Best New Candy
Torie and Howard Organic Candies
Quality Frozen Foods


paskeszrice web

Best New Bread, Grain, Cereal and/or Cracker
Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes
Paskesz Candy Co.


jacksalami web

Best New Deli Meat
Spicy Italian Style Salami
Jack's Gourmet, LLC


facon web

Best New Meat, Seafood or Poultry Product
Jack's Gourmet, LLC


kedempacificameritage web

Best New Wine, Beer or Spirit
Pacifica Meritage
Royal Wine / Kedem


osemcouscous web

Best New Pasta, Rice, Bean or Soup
Pearl Couscous with Rice, Roasted Garlic & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Osem USA


koshercookchallettes web

Best New Giftware and/or Novelty Product
Royal Challettes
The Kosher Cook, LLC


oxygenpreserve web

Best New Jam and/or Preserve
Passion Fruit Obsession
Oxygen Imports


matzolah web

Best New Kosher for Passover Product
Foodman, LLC