10.  Finally someone who appreciates statistics 
9.    Highly looking forward to Kosher Chinese Night at the Garden
8.    Excellent opportunity for use of awful syngagogue puns: TeffiLIN, LINterfaith Services,  LINcha, JerusaLIN,  LINear Chumashim  
7.    He got Soloveichick in the NY Times. Beat that Y.U.
6.    Moshe put in a “Basket”….am seeing a really cheesy dvar torah here
5.    The Post Game Maariv Linyan
4.    His name is Jeremy
3.    MSG's MSG = KD
2.    Jews love underdogs (and reasons to buy a new Knicks Jersey)
1.    Talk about shidduch material: Harvard, Lower East Side, Parnasa, super Frum