10. Awful singers in Utah won't know whether “Oy Vaysmere” is good or bad
9.  Randy Jackson's regular “Pitch Problem” critique could be complimented with the line “sounds like a bar mitzvah boy who hasn't quite yet become a man”
8.  Idol-Gives-Back would now involve some yeshivish lady calling you at home to buy a raffle ticket in Lakewood
7.  Four Words:  Uncle Moishe Tribute Episode
6.  “So nu…” he pauses, instantly causing the most dramatic moment in TV history. He rubs his forehead – the entire country is on the edge of their seats. “Are you available to sing under my grandaughter's chupah??” Crowd goes insane!!
5.   Sincerely says to Clay Aiken “You are one talented faygeleh
4. When he doesn't offer Randy an Altoid, TMZ reports “Idol Judges Hate Eachother”
3. His go-to line: “Now that's what I call Kol Isha!”
2. In the middle of a blowout Kelly Clarkson performance, asks if they can turn the volume down a bissele 
1. He would refer to Ryan Seacrest as “boychick