10. Raising of the Mechitza is suddenly backed by all shul members

9.   Over the chagim, Levites are asked to wash everyone's hands, not just Cohanim 

8.   No one is eating the fresh kiddish fruit salad 

7.  Culprit's skin matches nicely with the 1980s yellow tallis

6.  Chazan is suspiciously “away for Shabbos”

5.  Shul janitorial splurges for 2-ply toilet Paper.     

4.  Candy Man is giving out Purell bottles instead of lollypops

3.  Everyone has a chopped LIVER joke 

2.  Yeshivish guy keeps calling it “Ccheppatitis”

1.  Doing “Shots” at the kiddush club actually means getting vaccinated