10.  Both involve religious dudes who wear black hats

9.   Both commemorate a historic against-all-odds-survival of a people by national overeating

8.   May be the first time in history that the 2nd night of Chanukah might have the best gifts – thank you, Black-Friday!  

7.   Adam Sandler has composed masterpieces about both

6.   John Madden finally has a legit reason to deep-fry his holiday TurDucken

5.   Seriously, how cool of a band name is “Squanto Latka”?

4.   Finally gives something to journalists to write about other than a painfully awkward gentile politician lighting a freakishly large chabad menorah in a random town square

3.   Dreidel is spun to see who has to eat the second helpings of the burnt yams

2.   Forget Jelly-Filled, how about Turkey Filled Donuts!

1.   Everyone's happy, since there are only one, and not two, painfully annoying filled-family get-togethers to suffer through – a Thanksgivukah Miracle!!