10.  Wonders if the Half-Blood Prince is from his mother's side
9.    Refers to “Shabbos Goy” as a “Shabbos Muggle”
8.    Calls really bad short drashas: HogVorts
7.    Instead of Yasher Koach he tells you: “2 points Gryffindor”
6.    This shalosh shuddos talk will 100% be entitled “Witchcraft & Wizardry in Halacha”
5.    Calls a yeshivish guy Serious Black
4.    Instead of a talis he's wearing a red and gold Scarf
3.    On his wall he has pictures of Great Rabbis including R' Dumbledore
2.    Doesn't chap why Hermoine and Harry never were a good shidduch
1.    When he thanks the Lord, he clarifies: “Almighty, not Voldemort”