10) "We dip the apple in the beehive itself".

9) "You don't mind sleeping in a coffin; just like they did in the desert!"

8) "We would've invited last years' guests back as well, but…"

7) "Yeah, we dress our pets in white as well".

6) "We don't feed our fish on Yom Kippur either… we just replace them the day after".

5) After some food falls on the floor during Yom Kippur, invoke the "5-second rule".

4) Rosh Hashanah activity: bobbing for apples in honey.

3) "We'll wake you up for shul at 8… with the shofar" (disclaimer: don't actually go do this, it's halachically problematic. Oh, and don't do the first 7 either). 2) "Want to learn during the break?"

1) On Rosh Hashanah, count down from 10 at midnight (note: make sure to start the countdown 10 seconds before midnight).