20. Chumash with Chal

19. When all of Harpur's Ferry was Jewish

18. Having to switch from Shul to dining room in Chabad

17. Shnitzel and cream cheese rings a bell

16. When there was only one Mendel Slonim

15. When Bennett was actually a student

14. When everyone was engaged

13. When lunch was available all week in the Hillel fridge

12. The Hillel X-box

11.  109

10. Shabbat  1000

9. Seudah Shlishit was three tables in the dark eating leftover pasta salads

8. Fighting for the leather sofas

7. The Hillel lounge was a fun place to be

6. When Gary Coleman was  white orthodox Jew

5. Ellen Rosenshein

4. When the meat order came on time and tasted good

3. The Mike Seigels and Jrapp1

2. Wagner's bakery

1. Rob cursing the dairy oven