would like to thank the 1000 all star jews who partied all last night with us (on a MONDAY!) outdoors in Riverside park…The night was probably the best party of the summer.  Great people, Great Weather, Great Music.  Hope you had fun, we sure did.

To see Pics from the party click here:  (hey, see if you see any numbers you like, you can still add it to your matchcard check back here shortly for a link to that!!)

For those of you party attendees here is what to expect for follow up of this awesome party:

1.   You will get an automated email from us if you have matched anyone in the next 3 days.

2.   If you wanted to add someone's #  to your card or Search someone's #,  you can still do this online! (we will post the link shortly – so check back here in the next hour!)

3.  If you wanted to follow up with any of our Sponsors here is their contact info:

5. For any additional questions email or to advertise with bangitout please email

Thanks again for the 1000 jews who brought back the annual festival of Tubav with us! Looking forward to our next event (stay tuned) should be even more raging, exciting and fun. staff