Failed reports ala Jerusalem Post  about one of the most ridiculous chumras out today: Behold: “The Personal Mechitza for airplane travel”

“Haredi airline passengers are being advised to hang a new type of mehitza – a halachic barrier to separate the sexes – around the top of their airplane seats, to shield their eyes from immodest neighbors and in-flight movies…

The new mehitzas, made of white nylon, stick onto the fabric of the airplane chair using Velcro and can be arranged to make a protective “shield.” The mehitza goes around the head and is mostly in front of the passenger’s face, protruding only a little to the sides. Its designer, who asked that his name not be published, declined to share pictures and his design details, but said the mehitzas were “airy” and did not bother anybody.

“They’re very nice,” said Rabbi Shimon Stern, spokesman for the Rabbinic Council for Public Transportation. “Very cute. It’s very practical.”

Shlock Rock needs to do a Depeche Mode cover: “Your Own…Personal…. Mechitza”   Reach out and (don't) touch or look at anything!

If this doesn't encourage you to put together a Karate Kid Shower Purim Costume, I don't know what does!