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“Do you have a question that only a rabbi can answer? Send in the question here, and I'll start my research right away” – The Bangochover Rav

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Jim, CA
Ah, holy zmiroys! According to our Tradition, (great soups, no?), the rainbow guarantees that Hakadosh Baruch Hu will never destroy the world again, but to address the larger question: Do male frogs have an issur of Kol Isha? 100%! (see my other articles on “Hilchos Dinay Muppets” or “Don Deluise's Greatest Hits, and other signs of armagedon” for more detail)

Got Milk? Jay, Memphis
Hu'vaadah! According to all poskim you can find it in land of Chalav u'Dvash, the one spiritual homeland of our people, the land promised to our forefathers for generations, – New Square! (Say better, Do you have to wash for 2% New Square Milk?