A court is a place of reason and order where reverence is given to historical precedent and a persuasive closing argument. A hallowed, musty, polished wood hall where attorneys provide zealous advocacy while wearing tailored suits, and strive to find favor in the eyes of old judges and a jury of common men and women. The death center called Auschwitz was a  place of maniacal chaos where waste matter soaked the floorboards of cramped pens upon which petrified people slept, and diseased children were experimented on by their physicians, and rail thin humans purposely walked into barbed wire electric fences to escape the torture of a living hell, and bodies were burned in ovens after their inhabitants had been gassed to death inside sealed cement coffins with the screams of shock and terror rising up to a deaf gray sky.

Verdict on Auschwitz is a three part documentary which painstakingly recreates the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial which took place between 1963 and 1965 in Germany using archival audio, video, and more recent interviews. The film is tough to get through without becoming rather enraged