In case you haven’t been following THIS story: Pat Robertson claimed Sharon’s stroke was his divine punishment for giving away Israel (e.g., withdrawing from Gaza). Now Israel is striking back and shutting down Robertson’s $50 Million dollar Jesusville Biblical theme park that was to be built in Israel! Two important points to think about here:
1. In this theme park, would there have been copyright infringment problems with Bilaam’s Talking Donkey and the donkey from Shrek? shrek
2. I’d love to know how many yeshivot would be shut down if Israel had to respond to every religious leader who claimed a tragedy in the world was due to some specific sin… (When Rabin was assasinated the only thing you could hear around yeshiva washing-lines was the word “Altalena”; “Katrina” – “Mardi Gras” …and similarly, when Nick and Jessica split I’m sure the words “taharas mishpacha” were all over the Lakewood ezras nashim)

Either way, no one knows the reasons for why G-d does what He does, that’s , uhh, what makes G-d G-d.

Although the difference why Israel is striking back here maybe due to other reasons: a. Pat Robertson is mental. b. This whole themepark was a sellout to Yushkaville (let’s not forget Orlando’s Holyland – which involves bout 1% of theme park and 99% Christian propoganda (anyone read C. Rivers essay on this? hi-larious.) Being a yid the US, I’m glad to see our Jewish state came to see the truth….(atleast until some other 700 (or 770) club member tosses a few million dollars more to cover that aforementioned copyright issue. That’ll be in about 5 minutes…) though seems Israelis in the Galilee seems to see things differently…