Ellie Fischer (AdderRabbi) recently was tasked to give a Judaism 101 course (“Jewish cultural sensitivity seminar“) at the Phillipine consulate in Tel Aviv last week. After the class, one of attendees asked about the old “Hole in the Sheet” rumor – you know –  that Jews have sex using a hole in the sheet. (literally the oldest Comedian skit in the world and a complete fabrication)

After Rabbi Fischer explained this was an old myth,  the questioner said he knows a Fillipino who saw the 'Jewish sex sheet' in the laundry!!

It was soon illuminated that the laundered garment seen to be the “sex sheet” was actually just plain old pair of Tzitzit! (A rectangular white garment with a hole in the middle below – this is the garment Jewish men where with the strings hanging out on the side) It's worn as a tank top, not a condom!


Eureka!  Now, who is ready to fund a world-wide PR campaign explaining what Tzittzit are (or rather, what they are not)?  It's 100% worth the cash just to have comedians around the world to abandon ship on that dumb standup one liner required everytime they find out the couple in the front row are religious Jews.