Can BIO sweep the Oscars? Probably not, but lets give it a shot anyway. Over the years as bangitout's film section has flourished and grown to prestigious “blip on the radar” status, we have been fortunate enough to occasionally land the celebrity interview. Why would someone like Scarlett Johansson or Katie Holmes speak to us about their latest movie? No, not because Bangitout is an essential cog in the machine that promotes their latest release, but rather because.well, because..who cares, they're hot and they make eye contact.

As Oscar rears its golden dome of a head this Sunday night, Bangitout is poised to complete an unprecedented sweep in the big five individual categories (director, actor, actress, supporting actor, and supporting actress). Although we have had the privilege to sit down with former winners Robert Duvall and Holly Hunter, this year, bangitout has interviewed at least one nominee in each of these categories (including the only celebrity to actually say the word “bangitout”). Granted the interviews were not for their nominated roles, but, give us a break, our tag line is “kosher comedy for the circumcised.” Since it is more fun to pick who we want to win, rather than who we think will win, let's go through the categories and see who to pull for.

Director: The BIO pick is Clooney because he is the coolest guy in Hollywood, he graciously spoke to my wife on the phone (“I am with your husband and he is drunk”), and we actually interviewed him for Good Night and Good Luck – the nominated film. The default pick is Spielberg for Munich. – terrific movie and he epitomizes the intelligent, creative Jew.

Actor: David Strathairn did the BIO interview for his nominated role so he's the pick. Terrence Howard would be a blast though.

Actress: We interviewed Reese Witherspoon for Vanity Fair and she is up (and likely will win) for Walk The Line.

 Supporting Actor: Matt Dillon actually asked me when I interviewed him for his directorial debut, City of Ghosts, who I wrote for. What else could I say but “”. As I was walking away he yells out, “Bang it out Baby!.” Now he is nominated for Crash and he is easily the most fun nominee in any category to root for.

 Supporting Actress: I would be cheering on Rachel Weisz regardless, but she is the pick for many reasons, one of which is her excellent performance in The Constant Gardener . We first met her three years ago in an interview for her play turned film, The Shape of Things. Our hearts burst when she walked in the room. She is sharp, smart, and we had a nice argument about her character, which made me love her even more. Later, at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, Isaac and I ran into her on the street and we were once again smitten. Let's get this girl an Academy Award.

Who do you think should win? let us know…