As the king of Egypt, you gotta have game. For all of those of you who sorta side with Pharaoh at the seder, here are some good seder pickup lines.

– Netflix, Marror and Chill?

– I’d pay alot more than 2 zuzim for you

– Let’s skip straight to the taskmasking.

– Are you from God? Cause my river is bleeding for you.

– Let’s make like frogs and jump, here there and everywhere.

– Are you wearing suntan lotion? Cause as the Sun God, i’m burning for you

– Are you a dream? Cause skinny cows not nothing on you.

–  My heart isn’t the only thing hardened…

– I’d take ten plagues from you anyday

-I just won the triple crown for God’s sake

– Are you wearing sun tan lotion? Cause I’m the Sun God and you got me burning

– Roses are Red, Violets are blue. I would be a Jewish slave to you

– I too can split the sea with my staff

– Are you my baby? Cause you been drifting through my mind all day.

– You’ll fall in love with me, you are just in d’ nile

– Have you seen my pyramid? That’s just the tip?

– Let’s make hieroglyphics together. You’re already scribed into my heart.

– 10 plagues from you…let’s skup straight to darkness

-I’d like to find your afikomen

– Whips and mortar are sorta my thing

– Are you the 2nd cup? Cause I’m pouring out blood for you

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