Abbot   “Ready for Megillat Esther?”

Costellowitz:   “Well actually where I come from, well – we call that book different things”

Abbot:   “Like what?”

Costellowitz: “Well – say the guy who is reading is laughing and joking the whole time –   We called that Megilas Jester”

If he is from Mexico,   Megilas Siesta

If the reader has a scarlet letter A –   Megilas Hester

If it is Yehuda Kolko – it's called Megilas Molester

Now If you read the megillah in Los Angeles, it's called Megilas Wester

If you read the megillah in London, it's called Megilas Leicester

If you read the megillah for the first time, it's called Megilas Tester

If you accidentally read the megillah a day early, it's called Megilas Yester

If you let that Purim story  seep in so it affects your whole being, it's called Megilas Fester

Now, If your sister reads the megillah for you, it's called Megilas Schvester

If you read the megillah in a cheap shirt, it's called Megilas Polyester

If you have some boxer read the megillah, it's called Megillas Sylvestor

If Warren Buffet is reading the megillah, it's Megilas Investor

If your pregnant, it's called Megillas Trimester

If you're ever stuck in a courtroom and have to read the megillah, it's Megilas Sequestor

If you read the megillah on a college campus, it's Megilas Semester

If you read the megillah with an annoying relative, it's Megilas Pester