Mix it up. Try a new shul, a new rabbi, a new kiddush every week. Shabangitout shalom! 

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  • Babad / Kehal Minchas Chinuch

    Location: 321 West 100th Street
    Rabbi: Rabbi Avraham Marmorstein
    Contact: 212.865.7271
    Website: http://www.minchaschinuch.org/

  • Boyaner Shtiebel

    Location: 451 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10024

  • Chabad of the West Side

    Location: 166 West 97th Street • New York, NY 10025-6450
    Rabbi: Rabbi Shlomo Kugel , Rabbi Meir Ossey, Rabbi Yisroel Fried
    Phone: 212-864-5010
    Website: http://www.chabadwestside.org/
    About: There is no mystery about our philosophy:  Love every Jew; educate every Jew; reach out to help every Jew. We open our arms and hearts to all, regardless of education or affiliation. That is a commitment that we have honored on the Upper West Side since 1984. Now centrally located at 166 W. 97th Street, corner of Amsterdam, our center is bustling with life.We have grown to include a world-class preschool that serves over 175 children between the ages of 18 months – 5 years; a vibrant Shul that welcomes over 200 people every Shabbat, with active youth groups for ages 2 – 13; a place of Torah learning, with classes for every interest and level available; a growing after-school Hebrew School; fun clubs for children; holiday programming; our local chapter of the Friendship Circle serving children with special needs and their families, the popular monthly Chabad Women’s Circle and much more.

  • Congregation Ohab Zedek (OZ)

    Location: 118 West 95th Street New York, NY 10025-6604
    Phone: 212.749.5150
    Rabbi:  Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi Yechiel Shaffer
    Website: https://ozny.org
    About: Congregation Ohab Zedek, or OZ, as it is fondly known, is more than just a synagogue. Under the leadership of Rabbi Allen Schwartz, the Shul is known for its open doors and big heart. OZ has broad ties with the surrounding Jewish community and its Upper West Side neighborhood as a whole. A random visitor could easily encounter an up and coming scholar from Israel, or members of the local fire station. It is an informal, comfortable, inclusive community. OZ is a modern Orthodox congregation, but any individual is welcome, regardless of background or means. It is a Shul of interlocking communities–young families who find a relaxed setting on Shabbos morning to introduce their toddlers to services; singles, who famously crowd the steps on Friday night; and seniors, many of whom have been members of OZ for decades. It is home to those tentatively exploring Judaism as well as the most learned, who are stimulated by a broad array of lecturers and classes.

  • Congregation Ramath Orah

    Location: 550 West 110th St NY, NY 10025
    Rabbi: Rabbi Moshe Grussgott
    Phone: 212-222-2470
    website: http://www.ramathorah.org/
    About: Welcome to Congregation Ramath Orah, a traditional, inclusive Orthodox synagogue in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
    Our historic building, located several blocks from Columbia University, is home to a diverse community, spirited prayer, engaging guest speakers, insightful study groups, and lively social gatherings. We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and to answer questions or help in any way to enhance your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Darkhei Noam

    Location: B’nai Jeshurun Community House (formerly the Heschel School) located at 270 West 89th Street between West End Avenue and Broadway.
    Website: http://www.dnoam.org/
    About: Darkhei Noam was founded in March 2002 by four individuals who were inspired by Drisha’s high holiday minyan and encouraged by the publication in the Edah Journal of Mendel Shapiro’s halakhic analysis of mixed Torah reading. From its inception, the vision for Darkhei Noam has been the creation of a minyan and community centered around inclusivity and meaningful prayer. As such, women take on active roles in the ritual life of the minyan within the bounds of halakha. Darkhei Noam strives to provide a place where all who come to pray are active participants; where the voices of davening come not just from the leaders of tefillah, but from both sides of the mechitza as well; where public space is shared by men and women; and where the intrinsic value of each individual is recognized. Darkhei Noam strives to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere as well as a meaningful, inspiring, participatory prayer experience filled with communal singing as well as space for personal prayer. In order to help achieve these goals, we ask that adults refrain from talking during services and help maintain an ambiance conducive to spirited and serious prayer.

  • Jewish Center

    Location: 131 West 86 Street New York, NY 10024
    Rabbi: Rabbi Yosie Levine, Rabbi Dovid Zirkind, Rabbi Daniel Fridman
    Phone: 212-724-2700
    Website: https://www.jewishcenter.org/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JewishCenterYoungLeadership
    About: The Jewish Center is a vibrant and dynamic synagogue and social center located in the heart of Manhattan’s pulsating Upper West Side. A flagship for Modern Orthodoxy in New York City, The Jewish Center offers a full compliment of classes, lecture series, social programming for all ages and stages of life, along with a full schedule of weekly and Shabbat services. Whether you are a current member, live in the area, or are planning to visit the West Side, we invite you to explore the site and find out what we have to offer. See you in The Center!

  • Lincoln Square Synagogue

    Location: 180 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10023
    Rabbi: Rabbi Shaul Robinson
    Phone: (212) 874-6100
    Website: http://www.lss.org/
    About: LSS is a diverse and vibrant Modern Orthodox Congregation that provides religious, social, and educational services and outreach to the unique Jewish community of the Upper West Side. The synagogue strives to be a model in the integration of Halachic Judaism and contemporary life to the broader Jewish community.

  • Ridniker Shteibel

    Location: 309 West 89th Street
    Phone:  (212) 724-8071
    Rabbi: Rabbi Daniel Stein
    Website: http://ridniker.com/



  • Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue

    Location: 2 West 70th Street New York, NY 10023
    Rabbi: Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik, Rabbi Richard Hidary
    Phone: 212 873 0300
    Website: http://shearithisrael.org/
    About: Shearith Israel is more vibrant today than ever in its more than 360 year history. It is a community which values tradition, kindness and inclusivity.

  • Vorhand – Congregation Heichal Moshe

    Location: 303 West 91st Street New York, NY 10024
    Rabbi: Rabbi Mosh Vorhand
    Phone: (212) 362-1091
    Website: http://www.heichalmoshe.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vorhands

  • West Side Institutional Synagogue

    Location: 120 West 76th Street • New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 212-877-7652
    Website: http://www.wsisny.org/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/west.synagogue?fref=ts

  • West Side Kollel

    Location: 646 West End Ave New York, NY 10024
    Phone:  (212) 728-9848
    Website: http://wskollel.com/
    About:  The West Side Kollel is unique in New York. Under the stewardship of the Rosh HaKollel, Rav Don Blumberg, the Kollel serves as a center for Torah Leshma and as a vehicle for outreach. Jews with little background can begin to explore their Judaism while the advanced learner can expand his knowledge through Shiurim and chavrusah study.

  • Young Israel of the West Side

    Location: 210 West 91st Street, New York, NY 10024
    Rabbi: Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger (emeritus)
    Phone: (212) 787-7513
    website: http://www.yiws.org/
    About:  Discover a unique community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our mantra is “Building a Sense of Community in Manhattan.” In our shul, you will feel welcome, wanted and at-home. Our gorgeous old-European style main sanctuary seats 1200 (800 men & 400 women) and certainly contributes to awe-inspiring and uplifting traditional services. Our community is diverse, comprised of singles, young married couples, young married families, established families as well as a few “older-statesman” that have been with us for many years. Our mission is the study of Torah on the highest levels, engaging our many children of all ages in the beauty of our heritage and enhancing and facilitating social interactions of congregants through our various clubs and innovative programming. Let the Young Israel community embrace you by making our home your home today. We look forward to seeing you in shul