Quite literally, Jake Paltrow's The Good Night is a cross between Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky. To give Paltrow, the writer and director, credit, he has good taste. If one were to make a film about dreams, waking illusions, the grey areas between fantasy and reality, and a desperate search for ideal companionship, Gondry and Crowe's pieces are splendid role models. What probably wasn't such a terrific idea was to imitate Eternal Sunshine's ad campaign by uncannily mimicking that film's poster. Also a questionable decision was to steal the dream girl from Vanilla Sky (both movie's utilize Penelope Cruz in the role).

All tipping of the hat (or showing of the hand) aside, Paltrow's work manages almost effortlessly to be unique and moving.

Almost as if it were a dream