35.  The Dead Sea is named after Chuck Norris’s enemies

34.   Chuck Norris admitted he did not pack his own bags… still got on an El Al Flight

33.  If Chuck Norris was in the 6-Day-War, it would’ve been called the 6-Minute-War

32.  On El Al, Chuck Norris got upgraded to cockpit

31.  You know those Red-String bracelets?  They are made from Chuck Norris’s beard

30.  When Chuck Norris is in Israel, Iron Dome is turned off

29.  Chuck Norris didn’t climb Massada… he hurdled it

28.  When Chuck Norris kisses Israeli soil, 20 Hammas terrorist tunnels collapse

27. Shakshukah renamed “Eggs Walker Texas Ranger Style”

26.  There’s no longer any secret about Israel’s nuclear facility: It’s in Chuck Norris’s pants

25  Chafetz Chashud alarm goes off when Chuck Norris flexes

24.  Chuck Norris’s tefilin are made from snake leather

23.  Chuck Norris’ tears would bring the Moshiach. Too bad he has never cried

22.  Chuck Norris method of  proper Shechita: roundhouse kick to the head

21.  Chuck Norris can make a minyan by himself

20.  Claims of  “Disproportionate Force”  describe Israel, only after Chuck Norris lands  in Ben Gurion

19.   No El Al Plane has ever been hijacked since Chuck Norris did Delta Force

18.    Chuck Norris does Hagbah and Galilah at the same time

17. You know what the Palestinian Terrorist said upon meeting Chuck Norris?  Kaddish

16.  Chuck Norris’s first time eating sunflower seeds lead to the unfortunate loss of Moshe Dayan’s eye

15.  Chuck Norris doesn’t ask for charif on his falafel, he asks for falafel on his charif

14.  Chuck Norris eats his shwarma directly from the spit

13.  That’s not the pre-Shabbat siren. That’s actually just Chuck Norris yawning

12.  Chuck Norris can smell shatnez

11.  Chuck Norris goes deep sea diving in the Dead Sea

10.  The Raid on Entebbe was actually planned based on Chuck Norris in Delta Force, not the other way around

9.   Chuck Norris moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by throwing it there

8.   When Chuck Norris puts a note in the kotel, he gets a response within minutes

7.   Hashem doesn’t pronounce Chuck Norris’s name in vain

6.   Rabbis wait on line to get a brocha from Chuck Norris

5.   When asked about occupation by El Al security, Chuck Norris responds “Kicking Ass”

4.  Jerusalem asks Chuck Norris not to be forgotten

3.  Upon Chuck Norris’s arrival in Israel: The Israeli colors go from white & blue to black & blue

2.   Mizrach is replaced with wherever Chuck Norris happens to be

1.  Chuck Norris was begged NOT to buy property in Israel, so that the Western Wall could remain its holiest site