in light of the recent Palin goof invoking the term “blood libel” we give you Top Ten Signs Sarah Palin needs to add a Jew on her staff
Please note, we realize Sarah Palin has been a staunch supporter of Israel and a loyal friend to the Jewish people  – her heart is in the right place, just her speech writers need some work…

Top Ten Signs Sarah Palin needs to add a Jew on her staff:
10.   At a Jewish wedding, when the glass is broken, she screams “Kristalnacht!”
9.    Referred to Anti-Gun legislation as a Pogrum on Civil Liberties
8.     Shows up to house of mourning with a bottle of scotch, after all it is a “Chivas House”
7.     Loves catching fresh Alaskan Gefilte Fish
6.     Calls her pro-hunting Utah supporters: The Elders of Zion National Park
5.     Congratulates Republican Jewish Coalition head :  “You deserve a big Yellow Star!”
4.     Jewish Alaska history learned mostly from Chabon's “Yiddish Policemen's Union”
3.     Wishes her Jewish constituents a joyful and festive Yom Kippur feast
2.     Thought Oy Veh and Mazal Tov were interchangeable.
1.     Calls on her fellow Jewish Tea Party members to man up and “Grow some Matzoh Balls!”