10. Invokes the forefathers: Avraham, Tupac and Biggie
9.   Before making kiddush, he pours a little manishevitz on the ground “to my fallin chevre”
8.  “Body count” now refers to getting 10 for a minyan
7.   Dedicates “Ayshes Chayil” to his b*tches and hos
6.   Calls Aseret Yemay Teshuva “Death Row”
5.  His beat-up yeshivish station wagon also has hydraulics and rims
4.   Calls making a bikur cholim visit a “Drive By”
3.   Gangsta, Hustla now Baal haBusta
2.   Public Enemy is the Yaytzer Harah 
1.   When asked about finding God he responds: “Ain't nuthin but a “G” thang”

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