10.  When you try to schedule a date, she says she has to check her docket
9.  All her profile pictures are her in a robe
8.  Used the term “Cruel and Unusual” to describe her last relationship
7.  When you ask what she’s like,  she sends you 5 hours of C-Span coverage of her confirmation
6.  Gets turned on when you say you love loopholes
5.  You thought she said Windsor Court, not Supreme
4.  Before going out, she asks for your petition for writs of certiorari
3.  Screenname: JudgeJudySucks
2.  She sends you a 30 page dissenting opinion as to why she cannot go out with you
1.  She’s a Liberal, Funny, Single, Jew from the Upper West Side – geeze, she's perfect for you!