10.  4 words:  “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Haggada”
9.    Charlie Sheen is attending and will perform a paragraph entitled “The Warlock Son”
8.   You skip straight to the meal:  That'll get 'em asking questions
7.    Hagaddah now has an improvisational part about Rabbi Akiva, R' Tarfon and R' Eliezer pulling an all-nighter…in Vegas
6.   Top Chef:  Charoset Quick-Fire challenge
5.   Your neighbor is bringing live frogs
4.   The handmade matzah your stoner brother made smells “special” 
3.   Make your own Afikomen Ice Cream sundaes! (cue the kosher for passover Marshmallow toppings)
2.   Edible hagadahs
1.   One cat. one baby goat. one cage