10. Jews of Shushan plan on attending "Achashveirosh Gone Wild"
9.  Vashti and Achashveirosh are no longer in a relationship.

8.  Esther was tagged in an album "Shushan's Next Top Maidel"
7. Esther removed 'Jewish' from her profile status

6. Bigson/Teresh's wall-to-wall conversation was read by Mordechai

5. Haman created a new group "Kill all 600,000 Jews on Facebook"

4. King Achashveirosh updated his status: 'Still can't sleep!'

3. Haman built a killer ‘Gallow’ application

2. Haman pokes Esther; Haman's profile is removed due to abuse

1. Everyone's current status: Any good costume ideas?