Top Ten Unpopular Chanukah Gifts:

10.  A very special Chanukah Text from Brett Farve
9.   “Dancing with the Stars Hanukah Special” DVD, Bristol does the Sexy Shuftay Mayim
8.   Parents get you a year's Jdate Membership! (note: you're 12)
7.   The ShakeWeight Vibrating Dreidel
6.   Oil Me Down Elmo
5.   Fat Free, Sugar Free, Cholesterol Free Jelly Donuts 
4.   An intimate and thoughtful Farmville invite on Facebook
3.   5 hour private concert by YU's Acapella group The MACCABEATS

2.   Herring of the Month club (actually sounds kinda good)
1.  Having to deal with Co-workers wishing you a Happy Chanukah a month after it's over