When many can remember where they were when iconic foods like Oreos, M&M’s and even Campbell’s soup got a kosher certification, nowadays there are certainly more certified kosher foods than ever before and it keeps on growing. Most everything seems to have some variety that has a kosher option. But sometimes you see foods, and it just makes you wonder, how on earth did someone think that would be allowed. It’s called ham.

I feel like bacon bits was the first bomb in kosher certification- the first WTF flavor we experienced. Almost a guilt came with tasting those crunchy bits in a salad. Are there any flavors, trief or otherwise that we have not seem replicated in a kosher version?  Mock crab, fakin’ bacon, soy cheese burgers are almost common place. Israeli versions of Doritios and Mentos put those tastes to bed.

Is there anything left that we consider the emblematic trief food? It’s hard to recall. Marshmellow based cereals?

Check out some of the flavors below and realize how far brands are going and more importantly how far our kosher certifications are going to ensure that kosher food isnt limited to the standard foods and flavors these days:


Ritz Crackers Bacon Flavored are OU-D

Ritz Crackers – OU D

Mrs. Schlorer’s was definitely a closet rebbetzin

ham Glaze

Pringles Cheese Burger Chips – Certified OU-D

Pringles Cheeseburger
Anything better on challah?

Kettle Brand – Maple Bacon Potato Chips (Chof K)

Kettle Maple Bacon – Chof K.

LANCE Bacon Cheddar Crackers – (Certified: OU-D)

Lance Bacon Cheddar Crackers – OU-D

Ruffles Sour Cream and Bacon Chips – Certified COR Dairy

Bacon Chips – Certified COR-Dairy

Late July Bacon Tortilla Chips

Late July Bacon Habero

Popcorn Indiana hits the bacon ranch.

Popcorn Indiana Bacon Ranch – OU-D


HERR’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls

Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza Chips (Certified OU-D)

Snyder’s of Hanover Maple Bacon Pretzels Pieces (OU-D)

Neal Brothers – Maple Bacon Chips (Certified Chof K)


pretty sure this is a joke.