1. Are you a gardener? Cause I could use some help planting seeds
  2. Do you need a date? Or we can fig-ure it out
  3. Should I say Shechiyanu? Cause you are certainly a New Fruit
  4. Arbor? I hardly know her.
  5. Do you work at JNF? Cause I am compelled to plant a tree in your honor.
  6. Let’s get fruitful and multiply.
  7. Tu b’shvat? OH thought it was Tu b’av
  8. Wanna make like a tree? let’s leave.
  9. Question: Am I Shvat or Not?
  10. You’re taken? It’s Tubshvat, Branch out!
  11. I’d like to pickle your esthrog
  12. Apricot? Or should we skip straight  to the cot.
  13. Yoshon? You look 18!
  14. It’s Getting Shvat in Here….so take off all your clothes
  15. It’s New Years for Trees, midnight mistletoe?