Since summer has offiically kicked off, many Hebrews shed their kippahs, their skirts, their sheitels and hit the beach. But not these awesome yiddin. These guys are shtark even when swimming with spiritual and physical sharks. In '09 had a conspiracy theory around Jews control of Surfing, halivie (some top surfers are Jewish, including the godfather of Surf: Doc Paskowitz (can't make a name like that up). A Great photo-op peice on Chasidic surfer here (where we got a lot of the photos below). Tel Aviv has become something of a hot spot for surfers according to the Jerusalem Post (March 13th) now attracting international attention with their Triple Diamond Surf Competition check it   The only shyla:  Did the term HANG10 originate from the megilat esther ?  BTW where do we buy this tshirt?

20.  Waterproof Borsellino?

19.  Nachshon Ben Aminadav?

18.  Chasidish Point Break

17.  Surf Zeide

16. Israeli Pride

15. Moses's Staff:  A Long Board

14.  Really bad barmitzvah shtick – Meshugenah beach party

13  Birthright's a bit agressive on their schedule

12.  Efsher

11. Totally Blue&White

10.  High Tide's coming, better daven

9. Actual Top Tel Aviv Surfers

8  Doc Paskowitz – The first Surf Mishpacha Founder

7. When World's top surfers – Kelly Slater & Makua Rothman (jewish) and Doc Paskowitz -visited Herziliyah,  Israel surfers went buckwild: (article)


6. Portrait of The Surferer Rebbe

5. Nebech, no tzitzis

4.  This guy looks biblically awesome


3.  Jesus Surfer – He could always Walk on Water – now we know how.

2.  Israeli Surf Baby

1.  When a board just won't cut it