The Last King of Scotland
Every year when I assemble this exclusive group of superior achievements in film, there is always at least one centered in Africa (this year, we have two). In 2004, we ventured to Rwanda (Hotel Rwanda), last year we muddled through Kenya (The Constant Gardener) and now we observe a moment in Uganda. As I have mentioned on a number of occasions, there is something about that continent that has always mystified, petrified, and entranced the “West.” From my limited experience, if you are given the option to shoot film anywhere in the world and are looking to create something that, at the very least, will be provocative and interesting, capture Africa.

More than anything, the allegedly civilized world has striven to dominate and control the essence of Africa – its wilderness, its people. An unyielding attempt to conquer, influence, change, and break that which white “progress” disdains the most