Having trouble picking a Purim Costume?  Here are some pop-culture easy ideas to make your Purim an Ad-Delo-Yuda moment: FREILICHA PURIM!!!!

HQ Host Scott Rogowsky:

Suit, Skinny Tie, HQ Logo, Questions on your tummy


Bekesha,Prison Outfit, Long Beard,  Hotdogs, Moshiach flag

Harvey Weinstein:

White Robe,  #MeToo, Bottle of Champagne

Kim John Un:

Dr. Evil Suit, EASY Nuke Button

Judge Rachel Freier:

Shaitel, Judge Robe


White rain poncho,  Tide Blue and Orange Swirl


Nerdy Teacher outfit + Fake guns rambo

Olympic Curling Team:

Olympic Medals, Olympic body suit, Brooms

Meir Kay:

Batman Bodysuit, Beard, Hat backwards, highfiving

Luke Skywalker Jedi:

White Robe, Light Saber

Canadian Prime Minister in India:

Indian Garb and nice hair, terrible dance moves

Bitcoin/Crypto Currency:

Gold Penny outfit  or Camen Sandiego outfit with Pennies everywhere


School girl outfit

Tonya Harding:

Blonde Bangs pony tail baseball bat

Peaky Blinders

Newsie Cap,  Blades taped on, Top Button Buttoned


Blacktube blue light

President Trump

Tennis Trump is classic