25.Lchoyra it was because it wasn't shayach.


23. For me you opened the door? Shkoyach!

22.His svora is (mamashgishmack

21.The gantza inyan is a shtickel shvach


19.Aderaba / pum fakert, summer is the BEST time for holding by cholent.

18.He doesn't eat turkey, b'shita

17. davka haven't seen that movie.

16.kal v'chomer!

15. Baruch Hashem Yom Yom 

14. I might think…

13. Do I look like I need mincha?

12. EVery bochur who learns by me is precious 

11. Mincha mincha?

10. Shema Yisroel. 

9. Give me a teretz here folks! 

8. The yeshiva has much to do teshuva for

7. what time is shabbos mincha?

6. Am yisorel chai. 

5. Taiku! 

4. Should I light with or without a bracha?

3. mehadrin min hamihadrin

2. The oil is mamash lasting 8 days!

1. Build a bayis neman byisroel