10 of the most random men/women are walking through the Sahara dessert together in hopes to garner understanding and peace between very very different people. Luckily this whacky mission, launched by Berlin-Based Peace group,  BREAKING THE ICE, will also be videoed for a documentary to cover all of the mayhem that comes out of this Middle East version of “Surreal Life” … here are the characters on this groundbreakin trip:

Neda Sarmast – Iranian American filmmaker

Daniel Patrick Sheridan – NYC Firefighter from 9/11

Gil Fogiel – Israeli Fighter pilot who was a POW in Syria for 2 years.

Latif Yahia – Iraqi – Had plastic surgery to become Uday Hussein’s body double

Galit Oren – Israeli Peace Activist who lost her mother to a Palestinian suicide bus bombing

Mohammad Azzam Alarjah – Palestinian –  who lost his cousin to Israeli soldier crossfire

Raymond Benson – US army retired Colonel – now CARE international rep

Yevgen Petrovich Kozhushko – Ukrainian Special Ops soldier served in Iraq

Yahya Wardak – Afghani Doctor set up support for Afghani refugees

Unclear if there will be any hooking up -but either way should be an insane documentary…but probably much more significant if it were cast with people who still really hate eachother… (Note: to watch the first trip of this kind which was to ANTARTICA and had a cast of 4 Israelis and 4 Palestinians click here)