To the tune of 'BINGO'
There is a wicked, evil man, Ahmadinejad's his name-o      
"How bad is he?" you say to me, sit back and I'll explain-o.
Ah – mad – din- i – jad!  [B-I-N-G-O]
To say his name it might be hard
But right there on his business card
He tell's us what he'd do-o.
He says he'll take the Jewish State, and wipe it off the map-o
And if he could, you know he would, because he's such a wack-o.
The Holocaust he does deny   [B-I-N-G-O]
He's plotting the next genocide
It's time to stand and take a side
So which side are you on-o?
Skinny! Ugly! Little Mahmoud!   [BINGO]
We don't like your attitude
You're evil, baby, through and through
And you'll soon burn in Hell-o.