Friends of Democracy and the Jewish People around the world support Simon Cowell in donating money to the heroes fighting the war in Israel against Hamas. 

The world needs to be reminded that if Hamas would stop taking advantage of the poor people in Gaza this whole thing would end peacefully and we wouldn't have to suffer the horrible casulties of war.

The Israeli Army has the moral responsibility to defend its people from extremists like Hamas, and unquestionably all nations of the earth would take up the same war if it were there country getting rockets fired at its civilians.

There are zero celebs coming forward to support the Israeli Troops in fighting the war with the terrorist group Hammas…Even worse, over 11,000 people have signed a terribly horrible letter to Simon Cowell asking him to repeal the donation, as you can see here:   

Make sure you thank the real X-Factor: Simon Cowell's girlfriend, Laruen Silverman – who nudged the guy to make the right choice.

No one wants to see this war go any further and donations to the Israeli army will help ensure that the world not deal with these rocket-firing extremists again.