The NYTIMES reports that Beatlemania is finally hitting the beaches of Tel Aviv.

43 years ago, when Israel's highest form of entertainment was speed Shaishbaish, the Israeli government put the kabash on a Pre-US Beatles show in Tel Aviv citing the following (and we are not making this up):

“”The Beatles have an insufficient artistic level and cannot add to the spiritual and cultural life of the youth in Israel.””

so hardcore. so dumb.  The Times gives the low down on what really caused this idiotic cancellation of a show that probably would have changed the face (and haircuts) of sabras forever. Bottom line:  The Israeli officials had never heard of The Beatles.  hahah

But the Israeli Government is all about teshuva these days , especially in Ellul, so last January they sent a letter to Ringo and Paul pleading for machila.

Reports the Times, the letter asked  forgiveness for the “missed opportunity” to have the band that “shaped the minds of a generation, to come to Israel and perform before the young generation in Israel who admired you and continues to admire you.” The artists were asked to consider again coming to perform.

and so it begins….

Paul Mccartney has now announced he will be rocking the crap out of Tel Aviv in a no holds bar outdoor Pre-Rosh Hashana blowout concert on September 25th.    This will be a must see show. The only question we have is: who's got a ticket to ride?

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