Guns, slums, bochrim.

The group,   The Kid Triple , absolutely destroy the Maccabeats-type of wholesome cute Jewish fun music videos, by inundating their Jewish  lyrics with the term  “Kike” as  the rap/hip-hop world uses the “N” word.  Strangely, it works, and actually comes off as being genuine.

This  video, clearly shot in Long Island with Darchei Torah in the background, makes it even more authentic.

Check these guys out on soundcloud here – worth it.

Noteworthy tracks:  Walkoffs   Auto-sexual       

Twitter: @TripleTheMogul
Instagram: @TheKidTriple

 Update: Apparently he is still rapping and his song “Gold Kippah” has over 1 million views on Worldstar Hip Hop”